Rihanna, Chris Brown ‘S xtape Leaked Today’ iPhone Video is a Survey Scam on Facebook

February 13, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post that continues to trend claims there’s an “[iPhone VIDEO] Rihanna & Chris Brown S xtape [sextape] Leaked Today,” but it’s simply a Facebook clickjacking scam.

There is no video and it sends you to a fake Facebook-lookalike website that is designed to scam users into taking bogus surveys.

“[iPhone VIDEO] Rihanna & Chris Brown S xtape Leaked Today,” the whole thing reads, while displaying a crude image. “Chris brown is very angry on rihanna for not to take care of her iPhone.”

The image has a play button over it, but there is no video.

It is not recommended to click on the post. If you do, the fake Facebook webiste will ask you to share it first before going further.

After that, it takes you to a survey website that seeks to collect personal information including your e-mail, address, and phone number. Also, it is not recommended to fill this out.

“It is this fake Facebook website that the scammers want you to ‘like’ or share, which will make it popular. Once the page is popular, these scammers can sell it to online marketers or other scammers. They will also make money from the surveys that are completed by gullible Facebook users who were tricked into completing them,” reads a post from Online Threat Alerts. 

If you have shared the post, it should be taken down.