Rigged Elections Will Derail an American Renewal

January 21, 2022 Updated: January 24, 2022


For those who might wonder why some Canadians support the “Make America Great Again” movement, the reasons are simple.

In the first place, many of us sincerely love our American neighbors, even when they insist on dropping the letter “u” from familiar words.

More practically, Canadian grown-ups understand that the demise of the United States would mean the collapse of the “Free World.” Some of us dare to dream that such a disaster can be avoided.

Reasons for Optimism

Even in the wake of the present economy-destroying, Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-induced pandemic and the enormously suspicious U.S. 2020 election outcome, count me among those who still believe that hope springs eternal.

Americans are rediscovering reality. According to a final 2021 edition of the New York Post, the Cook Political Report is projecting that Republicans have an advantage in taking back a majority in the House of Representatives during this year’s midterm elections.

“Still a long way to go, but Republicans clear favorites for control,” Cook tweeted. There’s that missing “u” again!

On the GOP side, many are feeling good about their party’s chances of taking back the Senate. Opinion polls are also indicating that the Biden administration has lost the confidence of large numbers of American citizens. Optimists are looking forward to “red waves” in 2022 and 2024.

The reasons for optimism are clear. Common sense is breaking through the fog of regime media propaganda. Writing in Newsweek, Larry Alexander, distinguished professor and co-director of the Institute for Law and Philosophy at the University of San Diego, recently acknowledged President Joe Biden’s growing list of failures.

“For many, electing Joe Biden represented a return to normality, moderation, unity, and competence,” Alexander wrote. “Unfortunately, his presidency has only ushered in hyper-divisiveness, immoderate policy, venality, and staggering incompetence. The list of Biden’s failures is long, and it grows daily.”

Highlights of the “Biden failures” list include the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a porous southern border, out-of-control spending, hyperinflation, high energy prices, the embrace of divisive identity politics, mishandling the response to the pandemic, ordering draconian vaccine mandates, politicizing the Department of Justice, disproportionately persecuting Jan. 6 protesters, unleashing the FBI against parents who object to radical sex education or critical race theory indoctrination, reducing the defense budget, and purging pro-American officers and service members from the armed forces.

None of the transgressions documented by Alexander and other independent journalists are accidents of history. They’re all the result of disastrously flawed policy decisions by the Biden administration and Democratic Party legislators.

A president’s first duty is to see that laws designed to protect the nation’s citizens are faithfully executed. According to Alexander, “Biden has willfully failed to do so.”

Recent polls show that sufficient majorities of U.S. citizens agree with Alexander and look forward to throwing the radical Democrats out of office. Some 70 percent of Americans say that the country is on the wrong track, and few in their right mind would prefer the volatile economy of 2022 over the Trump economy of 2019.

The forthcoming elections promise to be a watershed moment for the future of the Republic. That’s good news for America and the Free World.

The Elephant in the Room

Nevertheless, even the most hopeful prognosticators aren’t entirely sure that the forces of liberty, enterprise, faith, and constitutional governance will prevail in America’s immediate future.

There remains, as they say, “an elephant in the room”—an issue that needs to be addressed but isn’t being sufficiently acknowledged. That is, of course, the prescient matter of election integrity.

In contemporary America, leading social architects in big business, the regime media, academia, permanent state bureaucracies, federal law enforcement, and the U.S. military have gone to war against the other half of their own country. They seek a permanent radical transformation of American society.

In 2016, progressive elites in the nation’s formative institutions were shocked by a surprising electoral victory for what Victor Davis Hanson calls “the dying American citizen.” By 2020, the powers that be were determined not to let it happen again.

Definitive Accounts of Electoral Corruption

Informed political observers, inside and outside the United States, still believe there were stunning anomalies at play in America’s 2020 election—and very few of the issues have been resolved.

Dazed and angered by what transpired in 2020, some 70 million Americans still want to know what really happened.

Late last year, a definitive account of the federal election was released by American author and political analyst Mollie Hemingway. The title of her report speaks volumes: “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.”

“If you believe things went terribly wrong in the 2020 election, well, you’re not crazy and you’re not alone,” she wrote.

Hemingway’s book is a thorough exposé of how the regime media used unprecedented muscle to suppress news and hide incriminating evidence of the Biden family’s alleged corruption, and how Democratic Party activists transformed and manipulated the voting process itself.

After 2016, Democrats complained endlessly about Russian interference, voter suppression, and the installation of an “illegitimate” president. During the 2020 contest, they insisted on widespread mail-in balloting and ignored longstanding problems with election integrity.

“In the lead-up to the election,” Hemingway wrote, “… wide-ranging electoral reforms were implemented. Across the country at the state, local and federal levels, political actors rammed through hundreds of structural changes to the manner and oversight of elections. … Many changes, allegedly justified by the global pandemic, were broad reforms that Democrats had long desired. The crisis was their chance to sneak in contentious policies through the back door.”

In a post-election report, reporters at Time magazine boasted that the secret history of the 2020 election will reveal “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage, and control the flow of information.”

For partisan editorialists at Time, “They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.” They considered it the right thing to do.

Today, the Democratic Party is the ideological repository of American Marxism. For Marxists, power is everything. They don’t regard elections as orderly opportunities for free citizens to choose new leadership. They employ any and all means possible to expand and consolidate political power.

The left always seeks to destroy democracy under the pretext of saving it. That’s why Biden was stumping so vigorously for “The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.” It’s the wolf’s tail under the grandmother’s cloak.

Republicans Must Resist Election Rigging

For a democratic republic to peacefully endure, it must conduct elections in a way that the outcome can be trusted by both winners and losers. Otherwise, citizens will cease to have a voice in determining their future. Tolerance of election corruption will put Americans on the road to serfdom.

The Republication National Committee (RNC) has sent a letter to the Committee on Presidential Debates threatening to block future GOP candidates from participating if “meaningful reforms” aren’t made. This is a long overdue, but nevertheless encouraging, challenge.

In an October 2021 Epoch Times column, I argued that “democracy demands serious debates.” For political debates to be productive, fair ground rules have to be established. This hasn’t been the case for years, and certainly wasn’t in the 2020 campaign when former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace virtually partnered with Biden against President Donald Trump.

Less encouraging is the disposition of some old-guard Republican politicians and conservative pundits who would prefer to forget 2020 and carry on as if nothing unusual had occurred.

The contempt that Republicans such as Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) hold toward those who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, “Stop the Steal Rally” gives Democrats the impression that no one will ever seriously resist their electoral mischief. It will require a more determined RNC to restore free and fair elections. That initiative will never come from the left.

One thing is certain. When Americans rediscover their founding principles, as they did in the eras of Reagan and Trump, productive men and women become happier, more prosperous, and better prepared for the task of national renewal.

The ongoing issue of election integrity should serve as a reminder to weary patriots that the stakes for America have seldom been higher.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

William Brooks is a Canadian writer who contributes to The Epoch Times from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of “The Civil Conversation” for Canada’s Civitas Society.