Rick Dyer Bigfoot: Man Who Perpetuated Hoax Claims He Killed Bigfoot

January 7, 2014 Updated: January 8, 2014

Rick Dyer, a hunter in San Antonio, says that he fatally shot Bigfoot.

That was in September 2012. But now he released pictures of the dead creature, who appears to be a mix between a person and a hairy animal.

“Bigfoot is 100 percent real — there’s no question about that,” Dyer told broadcaster KSAT.

“I have been worried for so long. I have been put off for so long, and finally we went up to Washington (state) and we got the body,” Dyer said. “Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body — from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the real deal. It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world.”

Dyer says he shot and killed the creature in a wooded area near Loop 1604 and Highway 151.

Soon after that time, he released a grainy video clip that allegedly showed Bigfoot.

He has now let more than 100 people view the body and recorded their reactions.

“We wanted to get people’s reactions, make them believers, and we did it to over a 130 people,” Dyer said. “We definitely made them believers.”

Dyer plans to hold a press conference to show off the body and test results. He also plans to take the body across North America, and will charge a fee for people to see the body.

Dyer said he had found a Bigfoot body in 2008 but it was discovered that the body was a body in a rubber suit. Dyer said that it didn’t start off as a hoax, but it ended up a hoax–but that this time, it’s not a hoax. “This is about redeeming myself,” he said in a recent YouTube video.

He said in another video that “we’re not going to hide anything from you,” and said that the photo pictured above is only six inches from the creature’s face.

“I see a lot of untruths being spread around,” Dyer said in another video. “We said they would get a photo and try to totally destroy it. Unfortunately for them, they have failed.”

Dyer said that new evidence will be posted “very shortly,” and that rumors about him turning down doctors who want to view the evidence are not true. 

However, if doctors did approach him, they would have to bring money, because he said he worked hard to kill the Bigfoot. “I’m the only one in history to track down and kill the Bigfoot.”

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