#RichKidsofBeverlyHills: Season 1 Finale For Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, No Season 2 Planned Yet

March 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills season 1 wraps up on March 23 with episode 9, “#VegasVIP.”

The crew heads to Vegas for the New Year’s in the finale.

In the preview, Dorothy, Morgan, Roxy, and Jonny grab lunch while they hatch the plan to travel to Vegas.

Dorothy says that they have to get out of Los Angeles because everyone from San Diego has come there. 

When the series was first announced last fall, E! executive vice president of programming and development said in a statement: 

“These kids are larger than life personalities who are charismatic, shockingly wealthy and born into lifestyles that are outrageously spectacular. They live a fantasy life on a scale that you just can’t turn away from and then they document it all via social media. But at the core, I think viewers will be drawn into the fact that they are genuinely good friends who still have to navigate friendships, relationships and life– but they get to do it all in luxury cars, yachts and private jets, which is really fun to watch.”

E! credited the series in part for continued growth in February, but hasn’t officially announced a decision for a season 2.

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