#Richkids of Beverly Hills: Rich Kids Stars Give Advice on How to Use Instagram

February 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The “#Richkids of Beverly Hills” show has garnered lots of fans as well as lots of critics.

Two of the leading ladies–Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart–are famously obsessed with Instagram, part of their rich kids personas that includes showing off new purchases and trips to exotic destinations that many could never afford.

In their latest “Fabuluxe Guide to Social Media” video, the two women shared advice for to use Instagram.

“Our Instagrams show that we’re really fun, outgoing, approachable, relatable, witty, funny…only good things,” Wang said.

Morgan Stewart, Instagram


“Not a heavy filter either,” Wang said.

The pair said that you should look how you do in real life in your photos.

They said that both of their Instagram feeds are public although Stewart’s used to be private.


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