Retired VOA TV Director Supports Trump: ‘We Believe in Godly Values’

December 13, 2020 Updated: December 13, 2020

WASHINGTON—Lisa Stancik, a retired TV Director at Voice of America, and her husband, Abel Arias, a small business owner, have lived in Maryland for 40 years.

“We voted for Trump because we believe in godly morals, but we’re here not just for that,” Stancik said while attending the Trump rally in Washington on Saturday, Dec. 12. “We are very concerned about the immoral actions by the Democratic platform. … They are opening the doors to socialism on all levels, and we cannot stand for that.”

Taking immigration as an example, Stancik said that her grandparents and husband are all immigrants. “We’re all for immigration, as long as it’s legal. Now illegals are allowed to vote, dead people are allowed to vote.”

“I’m legal, I voted but I don’t know if my vote was counted,” she said. “I cannot go to another country and say I get to vote. Why is that in America? That’s not right.”

Arias immigrated to the U.S. from Colombia. He personally witnessed the fall of Venezuela to socialism. He said, “when I finished college, I went to Venezuela. By then it was a very prosperous country, with the best economy in South America. But after communism came in, all the international companies went away. Now what can you see in Venezuela? Poverty, poverty and the lack of jobs.”

Stancik said, “I think when a majority of college educated generation, are under the belief that everybody is on equal status to get everything for free. Whether they’re illegal, or legal, that’s not living in reality.”

Arias continued, “We have to be very careful because for the last 40 years, the Americans have been indoctrinated in universities with the socialist agenda, and that’s not good for the future. It has been proven in history that communism doesn’t work.”

“I just want to ensure that the next generation in the United States will abide by the law and by the Constitution, and we have more freedom,” he said.