Restaurant Chain to Pay $1 Million in Back Wages

A New York City restaurant chain has been ordered to pay nearly $1 million in back wages to its employees after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

The investigation found that the Manna Restaurant chain routinely violated minimum wage, overtime, and bookkeeping requirements. Specifically, the restaurants’ dishwashers, cooks, and cashiers were all paid a flat wage despite working more than 40 hours.

Monday’s order is the second time the Manna Restaurant chain is paying for wage law violations. In 2006, the owners paid $166,000 for similar violations. Manna has seven locations: four in Harlem and three in Brooklyn.

This time, the owners, Betty Park, Kenny Kim, and Andrew Kim, have to pay $956,482 in back wages, $31,952 in post-judgment interest, and $39,737 in civil penalties. If the owners cannot come up with the sum, the DOL has secured a lien on one of Park’s properties.

“The recurring and deliberate nature of these violations is unacceptable,” Maria Rosado, director of the Wage and Hour Division’s New York City district office, said. “This case demonstrates that the division will use every tool to make sure all employers come into compliance, including the assessment of civil money penalties.”

The chain also agreed to follow that law when paying employees going forward.

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