Response to Reader’s Letter—‘Put The Epoch Times on TV’

December 16, 2019 Updated: December 16, 2019

Thank you for what you are doing. I agree with Paul’s “The Readers Turn” comments. I may or may not subscribe to the paper having discontinued other subscriptions. But I can commit to being a TV watcher if you present the truth in fact.


This is a response to the reader’s comment below:

First, thanks for saving journalism. The other folks are killing themselves with “fake news.”

Second, I have a “progressive” suggestion. I dislike using the term, but it seems to fit. The U.S. is an interesting place. The Constitution developed the most successful societal system in human history. But we are experiencing difficulties with its implementation. The Constitution has been totally abandoned by unfortunate, human forces (mainly greed).

It appears that The Epoch Times is growing—I hope at leaps and bounds. But, But, But the bulk of our citizens deal in sound bites which are usually slanted away from the total truth. If The Epoch Times wishes to really help us, you need to go on TV. Most people don’t read; they’re too lazy; they will watch sound bites (not in-depth information) on TV.

Big challenge, big expense—put The Epoch Times on TV. It will require tons of money and the ability to condense in-depth information to one minute “truth shocks” to the vast number of voters. Forget CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. Epoch News should be soundbites of information—stuff that is actually happening, not stuff that people talk about.

“Eyes are a better witness than ears.” People can say anything; disregard it (especially politicians, media). Epoch News should tell the voters what’s happening, not what people say. Good luck folks!

Laguna Hills, Calif.