Response to ‘Left and Right Should Unite to Stop Censorship’

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
September 8, 2021 Updated: September 8, 2021

When I read “A Big Compliment to Naomi Wolf and Lori Roman” by Sharon Hendrickson in the Aug. 11–17 Opinion section [in “The Readers’ Turn”], I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone is missing the point.

The title of Wolf and Roman’s article in the Opinion section of the July 28–Aug. 3 issue states their point of view: “Left and Right Should Unite to Stop Censorship.” Hendrickson believes that common sense should prevail since “we’re all frogs in the same water.”

One is reminded of a mother with two children, one of which is constantly bullying the other, who says, “Now, children, play nice with each other.” What she should do is to stop the bullying, not encourage them both to get along. There is no motivation for the bully to stop. Unless they’re in denial, the mom knows it, the bully knows it, and the other child knows it.

In Wolf and Roman’s article, it seems they see the Left and Right as censoring each other and the common-sense thing to do is to unite to stop the censorship of both Left and Right. This is where the article enters La-La land.

The Right is not censoring the Left. The Left is censoring the Right. This cannot be stressed enough. In every example of censorship that the article cites, it is a case of the Left censoring the Right: the leftist Biden administration working with leftist social media companies to censor speech; Dr. Fauci and leftist Zuckerberg colluding to control information on COVID-19; leftist Twitter blocking speech against COVID passports; leftist Big Tech blocking President Trump; leftist CNN, The New York Times, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Guardian, NPR, and BBC all blocking information questioning the COVID measures. The two exceptions who are sounding the alarm that gain mention in this article are Tucker Carlson and Sen. Rand Paul, both on the right. Neither Carlson nor Paul are censoring the Left, where 100 percent of the censorship is coming from.

There is no motivation for the Left to stop what they are doing. They are riding a wave of unparalleled success in gaining influence, control, and power. The Left’s years and years of infiltrating schools and universities to corrupt impressionable minds into believing that the country with the largest middle class and the most opportunity for the pursuit of happiness, the country that first among all the world ended slavery, that this country was founded on slavery and racism and needs to be taken apart and reordered along socialist (communist) lines, in spite of the examples without exception of socialist failures throughout the world.

The Left is riding high on a wave of success. There is no reason or chance that they will do an about-face and become reasonable. They need to be stopped. We are truly in a battle for the very survival of American values. We don’t have time for a Republican compromise. The Left counts on just that attitude so they can keep advancing their takeover. If one thinks that the violence has ended, there needs to be a reality check. The Left always resorts to violence once in power, and it never ends till all opposition is stamped out.

The Right needs to wake up! There is no pendulum swinging first to the left, then to the right. This is a movement! The Left has never been closer to achieving their goals in America than at this moment. They are giddy with power and will not stop being the bully. They must be soundly defeated, or we will lose America forever.


John Green