Residents in Liaoning Announce Autonomy in Support of China's Interim Government

February 18, 2008 12:00 am Last Updated: February 18, 2008 12:00 am

On Thursday, February 14, 2008, a number of residents from China's northeast Liaoning Province wrote a letter to China Affairs —an overseas Chinese political commentary magazine, to announce their autonomy and support for the China Interim Government.

The author of the announcement Xinzhi (“new government”) states in the letter that those who support self-rule individually talk to people they know about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated associations and deliver information on self-rule to them. They persuade people to, on a family basis, to dispose of flags and books of the CCP at home, not to attend meetings or performances sponsored by the authority; not to pay taxes or grains (farmers), and not to cooperate with the CCP in a non-violent way.

Financially, the supporters said they will be prepared to listen to overseas radio and watch TV for timely information, to exchange renminbi for foreign currencies, and be ready for the interim period after the CCP disintegrates.

The following is the full content of the letter provided by China Affairs.

Determined to Support the China Interim Government

Announcement of Autonomy from Liaoning Residents

Some of the residents from Liaoning Province in China declare to the world that, since February 7, 2008, the first day of the Chinese New Year, they are not under the domination of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]. They will run under self-rule in the units of family or community and respect the authority of the China Interim Government.

Since the CCP came into power in 1949, it overthrew righteous values and has caused 80 million Chinese people to die of unnatural causes. Nowadays society is run by gangsters that are utterly corrupt. The civilians are suppressed when they stand up for their rights.

Our parents' generation, in order to live decent lives, gave their lives and fought for the CCP. However, nothing's changed- the farmers are still without lands, the sick can't afford medical treatment, and the children can't afford school. Our parents joined the CCP's revolutions because they wanted freedom; nowadays we are monitored even more closely than before. It's impossible for us to want a government that speaks for us and officials who work for us. Under the CCP, we can never hold an open, just, and free election.

We have had enough and seen enough. To sustain our lives and to protect the interests of generations to come, we can only do it through ending the CCP's domination.

Looking back in Chinese history, revolutions between dynasties were accomplished through violence and not peaceful elections, as done among democratic countries in modern times. To avoid the horrifying miseries of war, we have accepted the principles of non-violence and non-cooperation to fight this totalitarian regime and peacefully break from the CCP. Through self-rule, we can disintegrate the CCP and transform society peacefully.

We hereby announce,

1. We acknowledge the China Interim Government and follow the guidance of the president of the interim government.

2. The people in the self-rule do not belong to any organization. They will anonymously use their individual ways to tell those they come in contact with to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, to provide them with information about self-rule, and hence expand the population of people participating in self-rule.

3. On a household basis, the people in self-rule shall destroy all flags, badges, party constitution, and books of the CCP. The people in autonomy shall not attend any CCP's meetings, activities, and media; they shall not pay taxes, and the farmers shall not submit grains to the CCP. They shall take non-violent and non-cooperative measures toward the CCP.

4. People of the self-rule shall be prepared to listen to overseas radio or TV to gain timely information of the current situation. They should be financially ready for autonomy—selling stocks and securities; exchange Chinese currency into foreign currencies to be ready for the interim time after the CCP disintegrates.

5. People in the self-rule should keep close contact with the overseas interim government through the Internet and report the progress in the local areas.

We wish God and Buddha's blessing on China, eliminate the CCP, and help the Chinese to rebuild our country.

Residents from the Autonomous Region in Liaoning Province


February 10, 2008