Resident Evil 7: Nope, Another ‘Resident Evil’ Game Will be at E3, Report Says; ‘Enhanced Veronica’?

“Resident Evil 7″ will not be announced at E3, but another “Resident Evil” will be there, according to a rumor this week.

GamingBolt reported that the new game will not be the seventh entry in the long-running franchise. It took information from the NeoGaf forum, meaning that the information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Capcom hasn’t made any announcements about a new “Resident Evil” game, and it hasn’t said anything about E3, which will take place June 10 to June 12.

The PlayStation Universe website posits that it could be something called “Resident Evil: Enhanced Veronica”

The site says that users on the Capcom Unity website found a page that appears to suggest it.

“Whether or not there’s any truth to possible sequel or remake to Resident Evil Code: Veronica, one thing’s for certain: E3 will be home to a mammoth amount of reveals, announcements and disclosures, with developer Capcom quite possibly taking center stage. So stay tuned to PSU for all the news, gossip, and rumors from gaming’s premier expo,” the website states.

A few weeks back, DualShockers said “Resident Evil 7” was rumored to be at E3 for the PS4. The site, citing a Japanese newspaper, said Capcom is planning to reveal the game, which is expected to sell more than 5.6 million copies.