Bear With Head Stuck in Bucket for Weeks Battles With Rescuer, Refusing His Help

April 6, 2019 Updated: April 6, 2019

Many people go about their daily lives paying little attention to the nature around them, people or property, and definitely not the animals that live alongside them. But this video captures an amazing bunch of people who took the time out of their busy lives to track down a bear, that only looks like a cub, with a bucket described as an “airbag bucket” tightly sealed and very much stuck on his head.

This poor bear has been seen by locals in the area for over a month! With this bucket stuck on his head, after so long they clearly and quite rightly became very concerned for the safety of the bear, as by the looks of things there’s no way the bear could eat, drink or even have the ability to defend itself from danger. His head seems so far down that he would have been unable to free himself, no matter how hard he tried to get out he just wouldn’t physically be able to do it without some help.

The task then begins as a concerned man tries to put the bucket off of the bears head, which is quite funny to watch. Getting a hold of the bear is a task in itself as you can see by the video it definitely isn’t an easy one. The frighten bear battles constantly with the man the whole time.

As you watch you’ll see the bear continually running away from his rescuers. At one stage the bear even crosses the street risking his life even more, including those that are trying to save him as a car could be approaching at any moment. The comical music in the video allows the watcher to see the funny side of this situation however, there are real elements of danger throughout for both the rescuers and the poor little bear.

The bear is on the road for a scary 15 seconds or so as this brave man tries his best to get the bear out of the road as it’s clear he wouldn’t be able to see the danger of a car coming.

After a mass amount of struggling on the rescuers’ part they finally track down the bear in some wooded area, it’s unclear from the video how they tracked him down, or even how long they actually had to chase him for. But once cornered the frightened and frantic bear battled with them continuously trying to get away with unbelievable strength. The bear was so strong that it took a fully grown 300-pound man to lie on top of him as another two men took a saw, and saw through the bucket, which is quite hard to watch so proceed with caution as at times it looks so close to his head.

These caring and compassionate individuals took the time to delicately soar away the bucket, that was so tightly sealed around the bears head. After several minutes finally, a man takes a pair of plyers and with one cut, the bucket is loosened and the bear is able to slide his head free, then within a blink of the eye the bear scrambles to his feet running as fast as possible, away from his rescuers to their delight as you hear them cheering and celebrating his freedom.