Reports: Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Store Burglarized, Reward Offered

August 2, 2019 Updated: August 2, 2019

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman said he is offering a reward for information after a store of his was burglarized in Colorado.

According to TMZ, some of his late wife’s items were stolen during the burglary.

Law enforcement sources also told The Blast that Chapman was notified that his merchandise inside the store was stolen.

An employee of the reality TV star went to the location in Edgewater and discovered the break-in.

Thousands of dollars of merchandise from various TV shows as stolen, the TMZ report said.

Some Beth Chapman’s bounty hunting gear was stolen as well as family mementos. The items were arranged in the store as a memorial to Beth after she died in June.

“The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead. LARGE CASH REWARD FOR ANY INFORMATION FIR WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS !!!” Duane Chapman tweeted on Aug. 2.

The incident comes just weeks after Champan held a memorial service for his late wife in Colorado. Friends, family, and others gathered to say goodbye for the last time.

In late June, Beth died after battling with cancer for the past several years.

Daughter Speaks Out

Chapman’s daughter said that the reality TV star likely will not remarry after the passing of his wife.

Their daughter, Bonnie, addressed the possibility during a question and answer sessions, reported People magazine and Fox News on July 17.

“Nope, he found his soulmate,” she told a fan via Instagram. “No one can replace her in his heart. Their love was one of a kind, it made me believe love truly exists.”

“I’ve never imagined I would lose my mom at 20. I never imagined walking down the aisle without her or her not judging my dress. I never imagined a life without her, it’s really tough now being without her,” she said, according to People.

dog in ny
Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman poses with a fan outside of a press conference where New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was speaking to the media about the capture of convicted murderer David Sweat in Malone, New York on June 28, 2015. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Last month, Bonnie offered tribute to her late mother during a Saturday memorial service in Colorado.

“I lost my rock. I never imagined having to write a speech like this, to the most beautiful woman who ever lived. I would never lose footage of my mother, there will always be another video, another episode, another clip,” she also stated.

“I’m so thankful she was able to share her life and our family’s life with all of you,” Bonnie continued. “The world isn’t going to be the same without my mother. My family has been so tough, my father has been doing an amazing job. Beth Chapman will never be forgotten and I can say that with confidence.”

Duane also spoke about 30 minutes about his wife.

“I cannot believe that she’s gone,” he said. “This is not possible, I want to wake up from a dream.”