Reports: Advertisers Locked out of Facebook Ads Manager

March 13, 2019 Updated: March 13, 2019

Amid Facebook’s hours-long outage, reports indicate that millions of advertisers that use the platform are potentially affected.

Many users said they could not access Facebook’s Ads Manager, saying it was out of order along with the entire platform.

“We’re also aware that people are experiencing issues with access to our ads interfaces, we’ll share an update as soon as possible,” said Rob Leathern, the director of products and Facebook.

According to AdAge, there are about 6 million advertisers on Facebook and the company handles about $90 in ad revenue each day.

Akvile DeFazio, a social media advertiser with her own agency, Akvertising, told the news outlet that the ad platform has been down for approximately five hours.

“Being unable to access Facebook and Instagram has caused significant disruption to our business and to our clients today,” DeFazio said. “We have clients that spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per day advertising on those channels. … It’s setting us back a day, causing a ripple effect to the bottom line. … This isn’t the first time an outage has occurred.”

A number of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users have said the websites are down. (Downdetector)

On Twitter, most users complained about the consumer sides of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp being down.

However, some people who appear to be working with Ads Manager said they couldn’t access it.

Facebook confirmed the outage on Twitter earlier in the day. About an hour later, it said the outage “is not related to a DDoS attack.”

Twitter Jokes

The hours-long outage at Facebook and its platforms had people going to Twitter to for their daily dose of scrolling, with many making jokes about the situation.