‘Reporter Fired for Remarks About Missing Woman on LIVE TV’ a Hoax; Jena Chisholm Story is Real

January 7, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook-shared YouTube video titled “reporter fired for remarks about missing woman on LIVE TV” showing a “blooper” of a reporter making lewd comments about the woman isn’t real, but the description about missing woman Jena Chisholm was lifted from a real news report.

The video includes a fake Fox reporter making profane statements about a missing woman before it cuts to the Fox anchor, who then apologizes. “We definitely apologize for that editing error in that story,” she said.

It was placed on YouTube this weekend and has since gone viral.

“A 20-year-old Kentucky woman reported missing by her family was found at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas late Friday afternoon,” the description of the YouTube video reads. “According to police, Jena Chisholm had been sleeping at the parking garage at the resort. She went willingly to the security office at the resort and told them who she was. Security guards then called her mother, Tina Chisholm.”

The description appears to have been lifted from the 8 News Now Las Vegas TV station, which said Chisholm was found a few days ago. She reportedly had a nervous breakdown.

According to BuzzFeed, the fake blooper video appears to have been created by user Cain Da Bomb, who appears to have filmed it himself and spliced the fake clip with real footage.

BuzzFeed noted that the news anchor’s “we definitely apologize” reaction was taken from a blooper from a Spokane TV station years ago.

The viral “reporter fired for remarks” YouTube video can be viewed here (WARNING: profanity).