Report: Ukraine Renews License for Under-Fire TV Station

June 11, 2015 Updated: June 11, 2015

KIEV, Ukraine— Ukraine’s government broadcasting authority has extended the operating licensing for a popular television station that has been accused of a pro-Russia stance.

The broadcasting authority said in a statement that its executive board voted Thursday to renew Inter’s license for seven years.

Prominent members of parliament had demand action against Inter for adopting an editorial policy allegedly detrimental to the country. Inter is also facing unrelated criminal investigations.

The broadcasting authority says there were no legal grounds to revoke Inter’s license.

Inter says it is victim of a political witch-hunt and says media freedoms are being curbed in Ukraine.

Any perceived sympathy for Russia has become acutely suspect in Ukraine, which is battling separatists that the government says are being directed by Moscow. Russia denies those claims.