Report: Kim Kardashian West Was Followed By ‘Strange’ Men Three Days Before The Robbery

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
October 5, 2016 Updated: October 5, 2016

Two “strange” men infiltrated the group of paparazzi assigned to capture Kim Kardashian’s every walking move during Paris Fashion Week, according to a report by People magazine.

Members of the paparazzi told the magazine that they believe two of the five armed robbers involved in the multi-million dollar jewelry heist on Oct. 3 began following Kardashian as early as Sept. 28, starting outside of the Balmain show and then to the restaurant Fredi.

“I’m sure of it. There were these two guys,” one photographer told People. “One was in a car and the other on a scooter. They were French, and they were just strange. One was a tall, skinny one with a little beard. The other is described as a dark French type, possibly North African.”

Another photographer gave a similar description of the men.

“They were speaking French without accent. One guy was on a scooter and the other, the skinny one was driving a Fiat and trying to drive in with us like he was a scooter. It was dangerous, really reckless,” the paparazzi said.

Kardashian reportedly didn’t see the suspects’ faces as they were hidden behind masks and gloves.

One paparazzi told People that the same 15-17 photographers followed Kardashian and her husband Kanye West, therefore, they are familiar with one another. But these two men stood out from the pack, and when confronted, one of the men reportedly gave conflicting reports about his identity.

“One guy told different stories, said he was from the neighborhood. Then he said he was a cop. This was so not right,” he said.

The suspicious behavior prompted the photographers to alert West’s security detail and Kardashian’s head security Pascal Duvier, who “had a look at him.”

Kardashian and West were tailed after dinner, where one member of the paparazzi group said the address of Kardashian’s luxury hotel was overheard. After that, the photographer told the magazine he “didn’t see the scooter rider again,” except “as soon as we turned into the Rue Tronchet that night on the way back I swear I saw the grey Fiat.” They said they haven’t seen the men since and have cooperated with the investigation.

“It’s either an inside job, or she’s been under surveillance,” one security expert told People. “I think it’s a blend of both.”

The Paris Prosecutor’s office is investigating the incident.