Report: Joe Biden Could Be Named Secretary of State If Clinton Is Elected

October 28, 2016 Updated: October 30, 2016

Current Vice President Joe Biden might be returning to the executive branch next year.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she may appoint Biden as secretary of state, according to several reports on Friday, citing sources close to the matter.

According to Politico, the Clinton campaign is currently strategizing on how to convince Biden to take the position. A source told the website that while Biden is on top of their internal short list, he has not yet been contacted.

“He’d be great, and they are spending a lot of time figuring out the best way to try to persuade him to do it if she wins,” the source told Politico.

Biden has been campaigning for Clinton all over the country over the past few months. He was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before he joined the Obama administration in 2009.

Sources, however, caution that Biden is just one of several names that could fill the secretary of state position, which Clinton once held. Former undersecretary of state Wendy Sherman, former Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns, former under secretary of state of political affairs Nick Burns, former Clinton assistant Kurt Campbell, former deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott, and other names have also been mentioned.

Biden’s press secretary told CBS News there is “no comment from us at this time” about being potentially named for the position.

In an interview earlier this week, the vice president said he’s not going away after the election.

“I’m, you know—everything from this issue of violence against women, to income inequality, to the cancer moonshot, I’m gonna devote the rest of my life to this,” he said.