Report Claims to Finally Reveal What the iPhone 7 Looks Like

Apple will finally do away with the antenna lines on the iPhone 6 and 6s
February 3, 2016 Updated: February 3, 2016

Apple’s penchant for industrial design took a strange turn when the company released the iPhone 6. Though the device was impressively slim, it featured a protruding camera and unsightly antenna bands across the back. The iPhone 6 may have been thinner than its predecessors, but it was clearly a design step in the wrong direction compared to the sleek look we saw with the iPhone 5 and 5s.

With the iPhone 7, Apple will finally be righting the ship. A new report fromMacRumors provides us with the first substantive details we’ve seen yet about the industrial design of Apple’s highly anticipated next-gen iPhone.

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Citing a source who has proven reliable in the past, MacRumors relays that the camera on the iPhone 7 will sit flush with the device itself, an impressive achievement given that the iPhone 7 will reportedly be even thinner than the 6s. While we’ll know more about the iPhone 7’s camera technology in just a few months, a thinner camera module makes sense given reports that Apple is already implementing camera technology it acquired when it purchased LinX many months ago. As we reported previously, LinX was a company that specialized in delivering extremely small yet highly capable mobile cameras.

What’s more, the report claims that Apple will finally do away with the antenna lines on the iPhone 6 and 6s that practically begged users to put the device in a case.

“The other significant change with the body of the iPhone 7 is the removal of antenna bands across the rear,” the report adds, “allowing for a cleaner all-metal look on the back. Antenna bands at the sides and around the top and bottom edges are said to remain, however. “

Make sure to check out the source link below for an interesting mock-up of what the iPhone 7 may look like.