Report: 3 More Women Go Missing Near Where Sherri Papini Disappeared

January 5, 2017 Updated: January 5, 2017

Three more women have disappeared in the area of where a mother of two disappeared in Northern California late last year.

Sherri Papini, 34, disappeared in early November and was later discovered on Thanksgiving Day on the side of a highway 150 miles away from her home. The story made national headlines and led to intense speculation as to what happened to her. Police said that evidence shows she was kidnapped—possibly by two Hispanic women, according to her description—and she showed signs that she was abused and tortured.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko had mostly shot down rumors related to suspicions over her story. But for the past several weeks, there has been virtually no new information provided to the press through his office, although Bosenko told a local media outlet that her case is a priority.

Three more women have since disappeared in the same region where Papini went missing. Amy Snow, 25, Jessica Roggenkamp, 44 and Stacey Smart, 52, went missing in the past two months from small Northern Californian towns and cities—less than a three-hour drive from Redding, where Papini was kidnapped.

Authorities have not linked the case to one another, reported, adding that the women all have blonde hair and blue eyes. They’ve also been subjected to intense speculation in local newspapers and on social media.

Amy Snow, 25, has been missing since December 1. (Facebook)
Amy Snow, 25, has been missing since December 1. (Facebook)

Stacey Smart, 51, went missing on Nov. 2—same day as Papini (Facebook)
Stacey Smart, 51, went missing on Nov. 2—the same day as Papini (Facebook)

The daughter of 51-year-old Stacey Smart, who went missing on the same day as Papini, from a nearby town, Lewiston, enlisted the help of a Redding kidnap consultant, Cameron Gamble. “(He) is helping us,” Nicole Santos-Hamann told the Record Searchlight newspaper. “He’s giving us advice and kind of helping us with coming up with backers, to help us with a bounty or a reward leading up to her whereabouts.”

Smart, known also as Stacey Hamilton, has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Amy Snow disappeared on Dec. 1 after her mother reported her missing. She left her house in Salyer, located in California’s Trinity County, which is approximately two hours from Redding. There have been no sightings of Snow, who also has blue eyes and blonde hair, since then.

Jessica Roggenkamp, another woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, disappeared from Anderson, located close to Redding. The woman, 44, was seen last on Dec. 10 by two drivers who helped her change out a tire.

Jessica Roggenkamp, 44, was reported missing on December 12 (Facebook)
Jessica Roggenkamp, 44, was reported missing on Dec. 12. (Facebook)

Before midnight on Dec. 11, her 2010 black Ford Mustang was discovered in a remote place in Trinity County near Highway 36. The keys of the car were still in the ignition, the car was unlocked, and there was no gas in the car’s tank, reported.

Her purse and mobile phone were missing along with her, but a sleeping bag, a duffel bag stuffed with clothing, and a pillow were found in her vehicle.

Papini, meanwhile, reportedly moved with her husband and children to an undisclosed location. Neighbors have said that after she was found, the family essentially abandoned their home, leaving their dogs in the care of them.

The sheriff’s office said last month that her case is a “high priority.”