Renowned TV Screenwriter Gets Inspiration from Seeing Shen Yun

March 3, 2012 Updated: March 7, 2012
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ANYANG, South Korea—Renowned screenwriter of South Korean TV series Dae Jang Geum, Ms. Kim Young Hyun, said after seeing Shen Yun, “I’ve got some inspirations” for her TV series.

On the evening of March 3, Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company presented its second show at the Anyang Art Centre. After attending the show, Ms. Kim Young Hyun, who is known as South Korean’s gold-medal-winning screenwriter, highly praised Shen Yun. She said: “As a person who is engaged in historical drama, I also often deal with props, fine arts, images, etc. I’ve got some new ideas in these regards from Shen Yun.”

Primarily known for being the world’s best classical Chinese dance company, Shen Yun also boasts a full orchestra, composed of both Western and Chinese instruments.

“The dance and music were really wonderful. I’ve appreciated some Chinese music from movies, but the live music was more marvelous. Not only was the music generally accepted, but it was also full of Chinese flavors,” she said.

“The erhu solo was very touching. It was my first time seeing an erhu solo performance. In the past, I had heard about the erhu, but I didn’t quite understand how it was played. This performance left me with a deep impression. … It was so wonderful and so touching,” Ms. Kim said.

The erhu, a two-stringed traditional Chinese instrument, is a regular favorite with the audience—with its otherworldly quality that stirs the soul as few instruments can.

Ms. Kim said that “Shen Yun’s music and dance are exceptionally good. The performers are really outstanding. I was especially impressed with the music, as it was played live with both Chinese and Western musical instruments. They were very clear to my ears, and overwhelming.”

“The seamless coordination of music, images [on the dynamic backdrops] and dance is a kind of consolidated art. The dynamic backdrops are very unique. If one wants to learn consolidated art, they must see Shen Yun, and they will definitely gain something from it,” she commented.

“In fact, it is hard to conceive a new idea, but they [Shen Yun] presented many very gorgeous and vivid programs with various new ideas. Take the program Joyful Little Monks for instance. The male dancers’ illustration of little monks being mischievous was very special and outstanding. The fans and handkerchiefs used in some of the other programs were also very special and interesting,” Ms. Kim continued.

“Western dances are mainly performed by one dancer, but most dance programs in Shen Yun are performed in a group. Personally, I prefer group dance, as it is more colorful and splendid. [In Shen Yun], there are some folk dances, and their costumes were also very colorful and appealing. They were very inspiring; I like them very much.”

Ms. Kim said, “It’s great to see such a wonderful show. I really thank Shen Yun Performing Arts very much.”

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In the audience, from the nation’s capital, was Gangseo-Gu Community Welfare director, Chenl-Ho Ra.

Mr. Ra praised Shen Yun, saying, “The whole show was wonderfully done. This year is my third time seeing Shen Yun. It is absolutely a true revelation of the diversity of the Chinese history.”

Mr. Ra also commented on the contemporary pieces in the performance about suppression of freedom of belief and the persecution of the traditional spiritual discipline Falun Gong. He said any country that values human rights would never tolerate persecution in any form.

“By watching Shen Yun, I became fully aware of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. I had heard about the persecution. I think [China] is in no position to do such a thing to Falun Gong practitioners. China wants to be the model country in the world, but if persecution continues, could China become a model country in the world? It is impossible,” he said.

“If Shen Yun ever comes back to South Korea, I would definitely see the show again. I am so grateful for being able to see such a wonderful performance,” Mr. Ra said.

Reporting by Choe Ryeon Eun & Billy Shyu and Choi Zhen-Eun & Frank Fang.

Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, tours the world on a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company will perform in various cities in Korea until March 4 and then continue to top venues in Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

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