Renowned Democracy Activist: 'Holiday Wonders Expounds the Chinese Spirit!'

December 29, 2007 Updated: December 29, 2007

NEW YORK— Holiday Wonders, featuring the New York Divine Performing Arts Company, finished its tenth and final performance this year at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan on December 27.

Mr. Liu Gang [1] , a renowned activist who was one of the key leaders of the 1989 student democracy movement, praised the show during an interview with The Epoch Times. Mr. Liu extolled the show as powerful, righteous, and “an inspiration that filled the human heart with joy.”

Liu said that the show makes all patriotic Chinese feel infinitely exultant and proud to see the essence of Chinese culture displayed in a large-scale on Broadway production, establishing itself in mainstream American society. This also strengthens their confidence to pursue a brighter future.

Liu said that the Chinese spirit presented in the show is the true essence of heaven and earth, all things bright and beautiful, and the merit and excellence unveiled by a sincere, compassionate, and persevering spirit. They are all ancient traditions encompassing the true meaning of life. This is the essence of all the wisdom accumulated over 5,000 years of Chinese history. It is something that runs in the bones, blood and heart of the Chinese people, Liu said.

Liu was most shaken by the dance “The Power of Awareness,” a story that narrates the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. In the dance, after witnessing the persecution, bystanders do not keep silent, and stand up to uphold justice.

Liu said, “I was deeply moved after seeing this dance. I see the prospect of hope from it. I hope more people can overcome fear and bravely step forward to support Falun Gong and intensely condemn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s evil actions.”

“Touched by this performance, I feel a sense of shame when I observe Falun Gong practitioners' strong and unyielding spirit, but their unbending adherence to their belief inspires me with admiration,” expressed Liu.

“We must stop the CCP's evil influence and atrocities as early as possible, otherwise more fellow Chinese will suffer from persecution. We definitely cannot collaborate with the CCP and must use all possible means to stop its atrocities. Only when the Chinese people awaken, will China have hope.”

Liu believes that all those who see the show will be touched, and each will all have his or her own experiences and benefit in their own way. They will all feel encouraged and be able to clearly see the direction and value of life, Liu said.