Relief Aid for Earthquake Victims Withdrawn from Juyuan Town

By Fang Xiao, Epoch Times
June 10, 2008 Updated: June 10, 2008

CHINA—Earthquake victims in Juyuan Town are suffering still. Only three weeks after the 7.8 earthquake, the local government has stopped providing relief aid, leaving survivors to manage on their own, amidst horrendous living conditions.

The Epoch Times interviewed Mr. Fu, a quake victim from Dujianyan. Mr. Fu said, “The conditions in Juyuan Town are still terrible; heavy dust covers everything, sewers are blocked, and there is an over-powering smell throughout the district. The bodies of the dead have been removed, but the building ruins have to stay. The government says they are private property and written authority is needed from the owners before they can start cleaning up. It will be three months before there is a reconstruction plan.”

Mr. Fu continued: “Heavy vehicles drive back and forth lifting heavy dust into the air, which is unsanitary. There are volunteers helping to disinfect the town, but the sewers are blocked by soil and garbage. A strong smell lingers in the area. We do not see rescue teams or government officials. We dredged the sewers ourselves by digging away the dirt.”

Mr. Fu told The Epoch Times the government had stopped supplying the town residents with relief goods over a week ago. They used to be given instant noodles, water and sometimes bread. Now everyone only receives a pound of rice a day.

Three Month Income Subsidy Promised

According to Mr. Fu, after the earthquake China's State Department promised a 3 month subsidy of 300 yuan (US$43) for every victim who does not have any income. “The subsidies were given to us after June 1. However, some of us only received 150 yuan so far and in some places people were only given 10 yuan a day,” said Fu.

Mr. Fu attributed the current difficult conditions to the Chinese Communist Party's one party dictatorship. “There are many people who view themselves as members of the KMT [Kuomintang – Chinese Nationalist Party in Taiwan] in China. Being one of them, I'd like to formally join the KMT. We hope that the KMT will come to China to end the CCP's one party rule. Otherwise China will never progress.” He added that many earthquake victims had similar thoughts.

Mr. Fu further explained, “I have different thoughts than the older generation. I know the history of China and Taiwan. China is still not democratic, not even after Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao became democratic. I have hope for the future.”