Released Lawyer Kept in Isolation in the Name of Quarantine

By Mary Hong
Mary Hong
Mary Hong
April 12, 2020 Updated: April 12, 2020
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On July 9, 2015, more than 200 people were arrested by the Communist regime during a nationwide crackdown on Chinese lawyers and human rights activists. It was known as the “709 Crackdown”. Wang Quanzhang was one of the “709 Crackdown” victims and imprisoned by the Communist regime. In Jinan, he was kept in isolation while guards stood to watch at his doorstep around the clock. Even a delivery guy “went missing” after a security guard took him to the police for investigation.

On April 5, to celebrate his freedom, his friend arranged a bouquet to be sent to him. However, even the delivery guy was implicated.

Part 1

Friend: “It was OK when we had things arranged and delivered to the manager.”

Floral Shop Owner: “Right. Why did they take our workers away? I don’t understand.”

Friend: “I suggest that you call the police now. I will do the same.”

Friend: “(Speaking to the police hotline 110) The floral shop owner called me.”

She said the delivery guy and his motorcycle were taken away by a security guard. At first, the delivery guy said he couldn’t go in. I said if they don’t let you in, you can leave the flowers with the property manager. Let them deliver it to you. But then, the phone was cut off.
Soon after, the floral shop owner called. The floral shop owner is very worried too, that’s why I am calling to report this. I was worried that she wouldn’t call, so I volunteered to call. Please help.

Police Hotline Operator: “Let me confirm with you. The delivery guy went to the apartment complex but he was taken away, so were the flowers, right?”

Friend: Right. I’d like the flowers to be sent to a friend. I’d like the flowers delivered to him, you know, because of the pandemic. It’s OK if it’s not delivered to him in person. But why would they arrest the delivery guy? It’s already very difficult for people to return to work during this time.”

Police Hotline Operator: “Alright, keep your phone available so that we can contact you later.”

Part 2

Li Heping is another human rights lawyer who was imprisoned during the crackdown on human rights advocates in 2015. He was released in May 2017. On the day Wang Quanzhang was released, Li called him and found out that surveillance guards were standing outside Wang’s apartment.

Wang Quanzhang: “Hello.”

Li Heping: “Quanzhang.”

Wang Quanzhang: “Hey, Heping.”

Li Heping: “Do you recognize my voice?”

Li Heping: “The sound quality is good. No problem.”

Li Heping: “Just run to Beijing.”

Li Heping’s Wife: “He should’ve come home. There’s no need for him to be quarantined for 14 days. It’s nonsense.”

Li Heping: “How about renting a car and coming to Beijing?”

Wang Quanzhang: “(Sigh) There’s no way. There are guards outside.”

Li Heping: “Someone is there to watch you?”

Wang Quanzhang: “Yes.”

Li Heping: “Outside the apartment or outside your door?”

Wang Quanzhang: “By the corridor entrance.”

Li Heping: “There are people by the entrance?”

Wang Quanzhang: “Yes, yes.”

Video 3

Wang Quanzhang was arrested when his son was 2 years old. For nearly 5 years, his wife, Li Wenzu, has hoped for the day their family could reunite again. But there’s no end in sight.

Li Wenzu, the wife of attorney Wang Quanzhang posted on Twitter
On May 24, 2016, while eating, Wang Quanzhang’s son missed his father so much he stopped to pray for him to come home.

Wang Quanzhang’s son: “Jesus, my Lord, please bring peace to him. Let him come home quickly. Jesus my Lord please have him come home with joy. Amen. Dear God, I love you.”

Mary Hong