Relative of Victim Whose Remains Found on Robert Pickton’s Farm Wants Him Charged

January 29, 2015 Updated: January 29, 2015

VANCOUVER—The mother of a woman whose DNA was found on Robert Pickton’s property says new evidence should prompt another murder charge against the serial killer.

Michele Pineault’s (PE’-knowz) daughter Stephanie Lane was last seen in 1997 and her remains were later found on the property, but Pickton was never charged in her case.

Pineault says she was told at the time that the DNA wasn’t enough evidence to lay a murder charge.

But last fall, Pineault says she was told that two bone fragments had been sitting in storage for years, and that new evidence should be enough for a charge.

Pickton was convicted of six murders, 20 charges were stayed, and six other cases, including Lane’s, never resulted in charges.

The Crown decided against a second trial because Pickton had already received the maximum sentence under the law.