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The Reader's Turn
June 29, 2021 Updated: June 29, 2021

The default condition of human beings from the beginning of time until 1787 was complete fealty to a greater authority. In various orders, there were kings, pharaohs, chiefs, warlords, princes, solons, emperors, senators, popes, sultans, viziers, and mullahs.

Then, as mentioned, 1787 came along, and a government of the people, by the people, and for the people appeared on the earth.

This form of government, equipped with a mechanism to improve and redress injustices, created the greatest prosperity the world had ever seen. It was a beacon to the world, and much of the world rushed to create similar constitutions and systems of governance. Some were successful, some less so.

Even with the shining American example, some people elsewhere allowed themselves to become slaves of all-powerful parties, central committees, and dictators, leading to the deaths of more than 100 million people.

The unprecedented level of human freedom in America, however, allowed people the freedom to espouse corrosive old ideas that are antithetical to the very notion of freedom.

These people call themselves “progressives.” They advocate more and more government control of the people. They believe that the people are not smart enough to regulate themselves and at the same time endeavor to strip away all moral strictures needed to maintain social order.

While they fancy themselves learned “academics,” they are not smart enough to see that their own educations and thought processes were intentionally poisoned by agents infiltrated by the previously mentioned “party leaders and committees.” Communist infiltration of U.S. academia is well documented.

If someone tells you they are “progressive,” you can be confident that they are actually “regressive.” They probably don’t know it, but they are tools of a failed ideology and seek to return human beings to the previous default condition of subjugation to a greater power. In this case, an all-powerful government overseeing every facet of life.

It is for us to check them at every opportunity. We must never tire of confronting the evil of socialism and fascism.


Neil T. Freeman

New Hampshire

The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn