Chinese Regime Uses ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

August 7, 2008 Updated: August 11, 2008

One has to wonder why the international community has any doubt about the deceptive words and actions of the Chinese communist government. There is so much evidence of their duplicity that it's absurd, i.e., the Chinese regime says everyone is lying but them. One also has to wonder about the complicity of the Olympic committee in giving a false face to the Olympics.

In the last year alone, China has exported many hazardous products to the U.S. and countries around the world.  These include poisoned paint on toys, poisoned pet food, poisoned toothpaste, dangerous tires, and poisoned foods, causing extreme hardship and pain not only to merchants and recipients around the world but to its own people as well.

These unrepentant crimes against humanity are just the tip of the iceberg and a reflection of their worsening human rights abuses. Much more can be said about the Chinese communist party’s (CCP) horrific disregard for life and honesty, but you may have heard or read a lot of it already.

The modus operandi of the CCP includes the use of “smoke and mirrors," to hide their numerous crimes.

The CCP (and all authoritarian governments for that matter) loudly denies its culpability in anything and puts the blame on others.  This is not only a bullying tactic, but a method borne of irrationality that attempts to hide the lack of truth and honor in the CCP.

Its myriad of problems can be traced to a repressive environment, tight control of all information, and no regard for human rights.  In its efforts to camouflage the truth, and ignoring pollution for many years, one has to seriously question why Olympic athletes would want to go to China in the first place.  Its polluted food, water, and air are among the worst in the world. Not to mention weird infections such as rampant foot and mouth disease that is killing children, the SARS cover up, and a new mysterious disease that has killed at least three people recently.

If this were not enough, the CCP is compiling data on people around the world and perhaps on you and your family by invading your privacy via the Internet.  Add to this the serious ongoing abuses to religious faiths such as Christians, Tibetans, etc., or who follow the Falun Gong spiritual path based on Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance.

This corrupt government has surpassed the abuses of the Nazi's, and they abuse everyone who does not agree with them.  In spite of their known evils, there are still those in the media, government, and business who turn a blind eye to their vile acts and prefer to carry on a dialogue rather than attempt to help the people of China and the world by taking the regime’s leadership to task.

The biggest question is how they can get away with it; greed is an insufficient answer, but I will leave you, the reader, to ponder the absurdity of the deeply grievous way in which they have been allowed to continue their atrocities, without an outcry from the free world. I trust in divine providence deeply, and that good will always be rewarded and evil will receive its just retribution. So it is just a matter of time before we see this played out completely, dissolving the CCP and bringing freedom to the Chinese people.

Where will you stand as history closes in on this time? Where will your heart be? Please reflect on this and make appropriate decisions for yourself and the good of mankind.  Does China’s Olympic slogan “One World, One Dream” mean that the horrors of a communist government will rule the world?  Is that something you would be willing to accept?

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