Regatta Wins for Bourne and Grebstad

Yachting—Jeanneau Class Regatta
March 10, 2015 Updated: March 11, 2015

HONG KONG—The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Jeanneau Class Regatta held over last weekend at Shelter Cove on March 7-8, attracted 43 boats covering 5-Classes: Sports Boats, J80, Impala, Etchells and Dragon. All Classes, competed using the low scoring system, finished a total of 5-races over the 2-day regatta, with 1-discard allowed.

The Classes were grouped into two starts Long Course and Short Course with Sports Boats, J80, Etchells taking the long course and Impalas, Dragons and a solitary Flying Fifteen completing the short course. The weather over the two days was fine, but the wind speed was rather low ranging between 5-8 knots.

In addition to the individual Class categories, boats competed for overall long and short race positions.

Long Course
Steve Bourne in Sportsboat “Merlin” had a fine regatta finishing top in the Sportsboat Class and also finished top in the Long Course results. Bourne logged 3-wins and a 3rd place finish, but had one poor result (12) which he was able to discard leaving him with 6-points net. Dion Houghton also in a Sportsboat finished 4th in “R2B2”. But Etchells took the other three top places in the Long Course results with Anthony Day in “Jezebel” 2nd, Greg Farrell in “DreamOn” 3rd, and Michael Haehnel in 5th place with “Fuzzy Duck”. Frank van Kempen (Etchells “NN”) and Sam Chan (“It’s My Pleasure”) and Gareth Williams (“Sidewinder”) took the next three places respectively.

Short Course
In the Short Course overall results Karl Grebstad topped the list in Dragon D51 “Mei Fei”. After a poor first race result (8th) he then posted 2-wins and 2-second places to head the standings with 6-points (net). This was an outstanding performance with Impala taking eight of the next 9-places.

Hard on his heels was Frank Tsui in Impala “Gnu” (7-points) then came “Paddy B” 3rd, “Taxi” 4th, followed by “Rainbow Chaser” and “Boss Hogg”. The only other Dragon to break the chain of Impalas was Harald Berge in D12 “Eaux Vives”.

Five Dragon Class boats competed on day-1 only and were therefore at the bottom of the finishing list.

Class results
The top five boats in each Class were Sportsboats: “Merlin” (6-ponits), “R2B2” (9), “It’s My Pleasure” (12), “Sidewinder” (13), “Tuco” (14); Etchells: “DreamOn” (8.5), “NoName” (9.0), “Jezabel” (9.5), “Fuzzy Duck” (11.0), “Are We There Yet” (15.0); Impala: “Gnu” (5), “Paddy B” (9), “Taxi” (12), “Boss Hogg” (15), “Rainbow Chaser” (15); J/80: “Unknown Pleasure” (7), “Footloose” (8), “J Chi” (10), “BumpHead” (11), “Jos” (23) and Dragon: “Mei Fei” (4), “Eaux Vives” (10), “Donna” (16), “Kamloong” (22), “Maiden Hong Kong” (24).