Redstone Arsenal Explosion Injures Two

May 5, 2010 Updated: May 5, 2010

The Redstone Arsenal in Alabama called for medical assistance following an explosion that warranted emergency flights for two victims. The injured were taken to two separate hospitals, one in Birmingham and one in Huntsville, according to a Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc. press release Wednesday.

Paramedics described the scene to local authorities as “horrific.” No fatalities were reported due to the rapid and efficient response of medical professionals.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Kimberly confirmed that there are no fatalities, countering a previous statement from a county worker who told local press someone had died. The names of the injured are being withheld from the public and Redstone Arsenal personnel have said that all of their workers are accounted for.

There was a brief fire at the scene of the accident but it was put out quickly. Three ambulances and one helicopter were sent immediately after the call for help was placed in Huntsville. There has been no official statement made by the U.S. Army regarding the nature of the accident or what weapons testing may have triggered the explosion.

The Army Aviation and Missile Command is located at the Redstone Arsenal, where weapons testing is done on a regular basis. The grounds have been used for military weapons since World War ll but the institution was specifically designed in 1941 to facilitate chemical warfare studies.