Red Lobster Closing? No, Reports That Red Lobster is Closing Are False

December 27, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Red Lobster isn’t closing, despite widespread fears sparked by news about Darden Restaurants, which owns the chain, selling or spinning off Red Lobster into a separate company.

“To clarify, reports that @RedLobster is closing are false,” the company tweeted out Friday. “We’re looking forward to your next visit!”

Emphasizing that Darden will sell or spin off Red Lobster, spokesman Rich Jeffers told the Orlando Sentinel that “we never said we were closing any restaurants.”

A piece in LA Weekly previously said that Red Lobster stores were closing but the piece has been updated and doesn’t include that part anymore.

Other media outlets took information from LA Weekly’s report and repeated it without verifying, according to Jeffers.

“You had a couple outlets where clearly folks weren’t practicing good journalism, and no one called to verify if what they read in LA Weekly was accurate,” Jeffers said.


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