Red-Herring Journalism and Globalism

February 8, 2021 Updated: February 8, 2021

Tactically, the way to advance an agenda is to denigrate those who oppose it. It’s called red-herring journalism and is being applied by the mass media in its attempt to render globalism as a desirable end.

In striving to substantiate their red-herring remarks, Donald Trump’s detractors liberally infuse their outpourings with standard, globalist, derogatory terms, such as “lies” and “racist,” without specifying any context. “White supremacist,” “sexist,” and “riots” complete their lexicon of demonization. Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels claimed that a lie gains credibility if it is repeated often enough. Ironically, that is exactly what the mass media are attempting to achieve regarding Trump and his supporters.

Claiming that Trump is a threat to U.S. pluralism is nonsense. His support base encompasses all shades and stripes of U.S. society. Claiming that he incited a riot on January 6 is a blatant falsehood. FBI investigation shows that the storming of the Capitol commenced while his supporters were still listening to his address and that it was a planned operation carried out by BLM and Antifa thugs equipped with sledgehammers, crowbars, and climbing ropes. Nowhere is his address did Trump exhort violence or vandalism.

There is incontrovertible evidence of electoral fraud. Dominion voting machines were subject to manipulation by China. Votes were flipped and also assigned to voters who had not voted. Errors were generated which were not subjected to oversight and audit. The lame excuse by Chief Justice John Roberts, who is aligned with the elite swamp establishment, that claims of electoral fraud did not have “legal standing,” provided grounds for lower courts to evade ruling on the issue and, in some cases, exposed the deep state influence within the judicial fraternity.

In true red-herring style, scrutiny of Joe Biden’s agenda is avoided while the Republicans claim that Biden and the Democrats will usher in socialism is ridiculed. Pledging to reverse all Trump’s economic policies—which have liberated small businesses from the stifling volume of Obama regulation, brought businesses back to America, and reduced unemployment to its lowest since 1970—Biden aims to increase taxes in order to finance the influx of more Americans dependent on welfare. That is socialism.

Globalism seeks to destroy national sovereignty by insisting on open borders, resetting the capitalist system in favor of the elite and Big Tech while subjecting the masses to increasing dependence on the state and its dictates. That is alien to American values and traditions and is why 75 million Americans supported Trump.


Duncan Du Bois

South Africa