Recall of NY Councilmember, Assemblywoman Progressing

August 2, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
Members of the committee to recall NYC Councilmember John Liu and NY State Assemblywoman Ellen Yang after a press conference, July 31, 2008. From left, Zheng Kexue, Tang Boqiao,  Bian Hexiang, Zhang Guowei, Judy Chen, Liu Guohua. ( Zhong Tao/The Epoch Times)
Members of the committee to recall NYC Councilmember John Liu and NY State Assemblywoman Ellen Yang after a press conference, July 31, 2008. From left, Zheng Kexue, Tang Boqiao, Bian Hexiang, Zhang Guowei, Judy Chen, Liu Guohua. ( Zhong Tao/The Epoch Times)

FLUSHING, New York City—A press conference aimed at recalling New York City Councilmember John Liu and New York State Assemblywoman Ellen Young was held in front of the Baili Building, Flushing, New York on the afternoon of July 30. The event raised concerns to the NY Council Committee on Standards and Ethics and other related departments.

There were dozens of attendees at the conference, as well as reporters and journalists.  Speakers included businessman Bian Hexian, head of the Chinese Social Democratic Party; Tang Boqiao, spokesman for the Chinese Interim Government; Liu Guohua, former law teacher at China Northeastern University; Wang Jun, Chairman of the International League for the Chinese Social Democratic Party; Zhang Guowei, president of the Alumni Association (USA) of China Army Officer Academy of the Nationalist Party; Zheng Kexue, director for the U.S. Divison of the Social Democratic Party: Judy Chen, a Falun Gong practitioner who had recently received the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Foundation Award; Hanjie Gao, and her son, a marine from a naval base in Okinawa.

“Since this initiative was published in The Epoch Times, our committee has received a lot of tips from locals including friends of the two officials. Some of Young’s and Liu’s illegal activities have been exposed in The Epoch Times,” said Bian.

“I am very surprised with Ellen Young—she is more contemptible than I thought,” Bian added. “She engaged in activities that were against U.S. political interests, employing all sorts of underhanded tricks for her own political gain. Like Young, Liu allied himself with the Chinese Communist Party and bet against the American people and the U.S. government. ”

“On Main Street alone, we have collected over 800 signatures recalling these officials. We are still collecting more materials and have sent part of the documents to the NY Council Committee of Standards and Ethics. The committee has replied to us with confirmation and asked us to continue to submit more materials to the committee.”

Tang Boqiao discussed four points: the political future of Liu and Young, President Bush’s meeting with Chinese dissidents, how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) subverted anti-persecution movements, and the true attitude the high-ranking officials in the U.S. government.

“We want to recall the two officials to remind them that their actions are illegal,” said Tang. “Seeing other’s faults, wise men correct their own, as the old saying goes. This recall will serve as a warning to the communist agents overseas, so that they may realize what they too will face one day.

“We have received the support not only from Flushing residents, but also from American main stream society at large,” said Liu Guohua, expressing his confidence in the decision to recall Liu and Young.

Many people believe Liu and Young had been selected by the CCP, but Liu Guohua revealed that John Liu had long worked to please the Chinese Embassy. In 2005, China launched a manned satellite into orbit. John Liu, as a U.S. Council member, immediately issued a special greeting to the Chinese Embassy. “John Liu was a Council member in charge of transportation in New York City. Why would he send such a greeting to the Chinese Embassy at this time?” questioned Guohua.

Wang Jun said that this recall action delivers a heavy blow to those long-term criminal actions taken by the CCP overseas. “The public has raised their awareness and they now see the criminal actions of the CCP. We don’t care how close or deep relationships are between these two politicians and China.  It was their job to stand up for the victims, and instead they sided with the perpetrators,” exclaimed Wang.

Members on the committee to recall Liu and Young say this move sends a message to all CCP accomplices; that they may have to face the U.S. legal system. The committee plans to go to Korean, Hispanic and other communities to rally greater support, as well as discuss Liu and Young with the U.S. Congress and other judicial departments.

“Over 50 New York City Council members, New York State Congressmen and important government officials have received our detailed documents on John Liu and Ellen Young. I believe they will be shocked to learn that these officials have colluded with the CCP, exhibiting behavior against our national interests,” said Bian.

Bian added that 435 members of the House of Representatives had already passed resolution No. 188 to support the anti-persecution of Falun Gong four years ago.  Recently the European Union passed a similar resolution to support the anti-persecution of Falun Gong, and the United Nations Human Rights Committee also mentioned Falun Gong for the third time in the recent human rights report. “These resolutions have shown us clearly that the whole world has a very clear understanding that Falun Gong is on the side of justice and all actions taken by Falun Gong aim at stopping the CCP’s persecution,” he said.

This was the second press conference hold by the recall committee since. The first was held on July 4th.

After the press conference, committee members posed for photographs and discussed the next steps towards the recall.