Reasons IT Work Should Always Be Outsourced

December 11, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Needing an IT department in many companies is not something that can be brushed off. Having an IT department might not always be something that a smaller business can afford but it can be argued that the smaller businesses need them more. This is because if 1 branch goes down because of IT problems in a small business with 2 branches then this could be devastating. If 1 branch goes down in a company of 20 branches then the problem is much smaller. This will go over the many reasons that you should outsource your IT department.


Many times the skills that it takes to be in the IT department come with a very hefty price tag. Outsourcing many different things give you a chance to save a lot of money. There are many offshore companies that will not only save you money but will have an entire team on your account for a fraction of the price that it would cost you to have an in house team. Paying an IT company to take care of your problems will also save you time and make your team at your company more efficient when not having to worry about details related to IT.


Many smaller companies have what some would call a guru when it comes to tech in the office. This person’s job probably is technical but they are just using their vast knowledge to fix IT problems when they arise as well as do their regular job. This becomes dangerous when a guru is involved because if this person cannot figure out what a problem is then you will have to bring in an outside company to help you which can be expensive if you do this frequently. Keeping an IT company on retainer in most cases is cheaper than hiring companies to do one off type of jobs. Many times you will have an account rep available to you 24 hours a day which is great because an IT problem could strike at all hours.

Wide Array Of Skills

Most IT companies have different subsections if you would need any type of assistance. If you needed an app or website developed, the developers from Asapy would be able to help you with that as well as with your IT problems. The fact that these IT companies have so many skillsets that can be worked into a retainer or contract leaves your other budget open for marketing or other ventures. CEO’s and business mentors like Gary Bizzo recommends that you should stick to what you are great at and surround yourself with great talent.

Newest Technology

The newest technology can be a killer on a budget for a medium or small sized company. IT companies that you outsource to have to have the highest technological products as they are assisting many clients who have the same. Software licenses are something that your company will save money on if you use outsourced labor for IT.

As you can see, there are many cases for outsourcing your IT work and web development work as well. Saving money is definitely a huge factor but leaving the IT work to the professionals is the largest benefit of this.