‘Really Abnormal Creatures Growing on Woman’ Only a Facebook Scam

A Facebook post that claims to have a video of “abnormal creatures growing in [a] woman’s breast” is nothing more than a scam intended to spread fake surveys.

The photo shows a crude, Photoshopped image that’s been spread around for a while; the image is totally fake, but the Facebook post claims to have a video of it. The whole post says, “[REALLY] Unusual and abnormal creatures growing on woman’s breast.”

When users click on the post, they’re taken to a website that is designed to look like Facebook, complete with bogus comments.

After that, they’re asked to share the post before going onward to ensure that the scam spreads further.

And after the post is shared, the website displays nothing more than a bunch of surveys. The surveys are how the scammers behind the website make their money.

No matter how many surveys they fill out, the website never will show a video.

“The message is a scam designed to trick people into sharing the image and participating in suspect online surveys. The image is lifted from a much earlier hoax that falsely claimed that a woman had a live larvae infection in her breast. The image is Photoshopped and does not depict either a real larvae infection or any ‘abnormal creatures,'” reads a post from Hoax-Slayer about the scam.

The image was taken from an earlier hoax, notes Hoax-Slayer.

“The image has been taken from a much earlier and much circulated hoax that falsely claimed that the woman’s breast had been infected with live larvae that were already in her bra when she bought it … The image does not show a genuine larvae infestation,” it says.