Real, Truthful News

November 30, 2020 Updated: November 30, 2020

In a world gone mad, I SO appreciate your newspaper. I subscribed earlier in 2020 as my husband dearly missed an actual newspaper to read since we dumped the unbelievably liberal Denver Post a few years ago. We both enjoy not only the printed news that comes to our house but also the e-version where we get updated daily. There is so much that I appreciate about your paper. 1) It’s REAL journalism that seems to be so hard to find these days. 2) You claim to be nonpartisan, which I like. It is nearly impossible to find nonpartisan, REAL news. 3) You lean conservative, which we definitely are. 4) You refuse to call the 2020 election results until the discrepancies have been resolved. One way or the other, you show yourself to be leaning. (But I secretly think you share our conservative leanings.)

Fox News has slid to the left of the center these days and we are SO disappointed in their news branch. We still love Tucker, but Bret Baier seems to have drank the blue Kool-Aid. I’m so sad about that. We have loved Fox News for years now, trusting them to stay conservative and fight for REAL, truthful news.

So, thank you, Epoch Times. We appreciate you now even more in these whacky, “the world has gone mad” days.

May you all be blessed and protected by the mighty hand of God, the Almighty.


Thank you,

Peggy Zeman