Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6: Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida of RHOA Living ‘Separate Lives,’ Says Report

February 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida have been living separately for the past few weeks, according to a report.

Radar Online reported that Parks and Nida, who was arrested weeks ago for identity theft and fraud, are “living separate lives” and they haven’t “been photographed together since last November.”

Parks also confirmed she’s launching a tour for her book, “Secrets of a Southern Belle,” after it was released three months ago.

Nida was arrested Jan. 24 and his trial his on March 25.

According to Radar, Nida made a trip to South Carolina and he was seen with women at a nightclub on Valentine’s Day. TMZ reported that Nida said it was a misunderstanding. Nida also said he’s been mostly in Atlanta because his bail terms require that he get permission from the courts if he is leaving of Georgia.

He was arrested for bank fraud, but he denied those charges. Parks has claimed that her husband is innocent, and she said she didn’t know anything about his business dealings.

Federal prosecutors have alleged that Nida used fake companies to help him get access to personal information databases.

“When I describe these businesses as fake, what I mean is that while they may have been validly organized as entities wit the Georgia Secretary of State, they existed for a purpose other than the apparent business purpose implied by the entity name. In other words, I believe [they] were set up for the purpose of obtaining access to LexisNexis, Equifax, and similar databases,” reads a complaint against him.

Alexandre Herrer, a U.S. Secret Service Agent in the Counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad, said earlier that Nida ripped off people by opening fake bank accounts and using their real names, according to reports at the time.

Nida also allegedly got ahold of stolen U.S. Treasury checks, stolen retirement checks for Delta Airline employees, and unclaimed tax checks.