Raven-Symone ‘Files Molestation Charges Against Bill Cosby’ Report is Totally Fake; Media Fooled

November 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Raven-Symone didn’t file any “molestation charges” against Bill Cosby.

A bogus article was published on satire site Hip Hop Hangover.

“Another rape allegation has surfaced against famed comedian and actor, Bill Cosby. This time it is from a familiar face which speculates that there may be some truth to Cosby’s sketchy past,” it reads.

Hip Hop Hangover has a disclaimer, which says, “Hip Hop Hangover is a Gossip parody and satirical publication and for entertainment purposes only. Hip Hop Hangover is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.Hip Hop Hangover will use made up names in its posts except when public figures are satirized; Any use of real names is accidental and coincidental.”

And the Indian version of the International Business Times reported on the fake story as if it were real.

This means everything on the site is assuredly fake. All the stories on the website are bunk and there’s been no media coverage of Symone filing charges against anyone.

The bunk article also uses fake quotes from Symone’s lawyer.

Cosby has been accused by several women of sexual assault over a few decades.

Two women came out recently and said he assaulted them.

Joan Tarshis, a former actress, music industry publicist and journalist, spoke with CNN on Monday about Cosby.

“He’s a serial rapist,” she said. “Who would believe me? Bill Cosby, the all-American dad, the all-American husband, Mr. Jell-O, that everybody loved. Who would believe me? They would probably think I was out to get something,” she also wrote.

On The View, host Whoopi Goldberg expressed skepticism about the allegations against Cosby.

“Settlements don’t necessarily mean you’re guilty. You generally settle because you don’t want to put your family through it again…I’m going to reserve my judgement. I have a lot of questions,” she said, via Time magazine.