Doubts Raised Over Rape Case

June 11, 2009 3:51 am Last Updated: October 1, 2015 9:44 pm

Many Chinese bloggers posted petitions challenging the decision of the mayhem charge on Deng Yujiao.
Many Chinese bloggers posted petitions challenging the decision of the mayhem charge on Deng Yujiao.
Following the controversial announcement of Deng Yujiao’s mayhem charge on June 5, an anonymous detective filed a petition that raised several doubts about the legal procedures and decision surrounding the case.

According to Zhou Li, a Beijing human rights activist, the detective’s grandfather was a founder of the Chinese Public Security Bureau, while the father was a high government official. The person himself is said to be a professional police detective who volunteered to search for clues in Deng’s case.

The unidentified detective, calling himself “Police Prince,” filed a petition in the Badong Procuratorate that placed the mayhem charge. His information raised five doubts in the case:

First, the body of Deng Guida—the official stabbed to death by Deng Yujiao—was not preserved. Losing the body constitutes a crime.

Second, the bloody clothing Deng Guida was wearing has not been mentioned in any of the reports. The blood stains on the clothing should serve as important evidence to prove the real cause of Deng’s death.

Third, Deng Yujiao was said to have stabbed Deng Guida to death, but there was no blood on her clothes. Does this mean Yujiao was naked when she stabbed Deng Guida? In that case, Yujiao was either raped or in danger of being raped. In both situations her defense cannot be judged as excessive.

Fourth, Deng Guida’s body, if buried, can still be examined.

Fifth, as a government official and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member, Deng Guida should be openly criticized for his involvement in prostitution according to CCP regulations. But so far authorities have not made mention of Deng Guida’s indiscretions or those who accompanied him to the entertainment center.

The Procuratorate accepted the petition signed by the “Police Prince.”

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