RKO Video: Randy Orton Loses to Roman Reigns But Fans Laud His RKO at SuperSlam (+Video)

Randy Orton lost to Roman Reigns on Sunday night in the second-biggest SuperSlam fight but fans lauded his effort–and an RKO that he landed.

“What a RKO” and “That RKO,” along with “RomanVsOrton” trended on Twitter as the fight progressed then finished.

“WWESummerSlam” was also trending across the United States.

“Randy Orton is absolutely incredible, what a RKO. #SummerSlam,” said one user.

“What a RKO by Orton that honestly should of been the end on the match #RomanVsOrton #SummerSlam,” said another.

“What a RKO from Orton though. Kudos to Reigns #SummerSlam,” added yet another.


“Randy Orton hopefully u get a nice ppv check. To lose to a spear is sad smh. That rko u delivered was beast gotta love the wwe politics,” added another.

“Randy orton got the best finisher out of any wrestler that rko some serious bruh lol,” added another.

Orton ultimately lost when Reigns landed the match-winning Spear.

The win by Reigns may line him up for a fight against Brock Lesnar soon.

Lesnar is fighting John Cena in the main match at SummerSlam.


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