Ramy Demboski: Missouri AMBER Alert Issued After Excelsior Springs Girl Missing

Ramy Angeline Demboski was the subject of an AMBER Alert in Missouri on Wednesday evening.

The alert was issued after she went missing from Excelsior Springs, Mo., on Aug. 27.

The girl is 3-year-old old, white, and has blonde hair. She was last seen with flannel shorts, a white shirt, and black flip-flops.

The Kansas City Star reported that a woman went to her father’s home and claimed she had car problems. The woman was allowed inside, used the bathroom, and then used the phone.

After that, the residents of the house discovered that Demboski was gone.

Police haven’t been able to contact her mother.

Demboski’s stepmother, Paulina Nave, said that the woman’s car hood was up and two small children were in the backseat, according to Fox4KC.

“I don’t know where she is. I know what she was wearing. Right before I left to go pick up the oldest daughter, she said ‘Look Mommy. I’ve got fishy shorts on,’ and I didn’t think,.. I didn’t think this woman would take her. She had kids! I gave her water. I gave her Gatorade because she has kids and I have kids and it’s hot and she’s gone,” Nave said.

Police say the car was a silver Dodge Charger with Nebraska license plates. The driver is a black female who may have had two small children in the car.