Rally Goers Reject Mainstream Media

November 15, 2020 Updated: November 15, 2020

Trump supporters gathered for a “Stop the Steal” rally in Lansing, Michigan, on Saturday. Rally goers told NTD that they’re fed up with the legacy media.

Susan Runyon said, “I’m so disappointed. I feel that they just tell us what they want us to know. Everything fraud related, no, there’s no sign of it whatsoever. But no one’s saying, ‘well, there could possibly be.’ It’s just extremely one sided.”

Preston Runyon said, “Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel. They’re borderline treasonists. They’re putting out dangerous stuff to the public that causes friction and tension, and kind of divides the country.”

Another attendee, Dwayne Dimet, said: “The mainstream news media is hiding everything, they’re hiding everything. They’re protecting everything, they’re part of the problem. We switched to Newsmax and we’re turning off the mainstream media. If you don’t watch ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, they don’t make any money. So don’t buy or watch products that they sell on the news.”

Marty Dimet said, “And nobody wants to watch their communist propaganda anymore. They have an agenda, we don’t care to listen to their propaganda. It’s propaganda, and it’s their narrative. It’s not news anymore, it’s their narrative.”

Eric Koernke told NTD: “They’ve always been a little dishonest, mostly in framing of the use of language. Like they’re constantly using weasel words like, “some people” and stuff like that. There’s all kinds of different ways that they’re linguistically dishonest.”

Republican state senators have asked the state secretary for an election audit before the vote counts are formally certified.

From NTD News