Typhoon Fanapi Brings Deluge to Southern China (Video)

By Li Ping
Li Ping
Li Ping
September 22, 2010 Updated: September 24, 2010

[ Typhoon Fanapi Trenches Southern China & Taiwan ]

Typhoon Fanapi hit southern China on Sept. 21, affecting more than 1.1 million people.

According to the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Guangdong Province, Fanapi left 33 people dead, and 42 missing in the cities of Gaozhou, Xinyi, and Yangchun. There have been reports of interruption of transportation and communication in Magui town of Gaozhou. Flooding in Xuanyao town of Yangchun has driven 8,400 people from their homes.

According to China News Network, Typhoon Fanapi entered Guangdong Province traveling east to west. It first hit Raoping before 10 am CST on Sept. 20 and weakened to a tropical depression at 2 am CST on Sept. 21 when it reached Conghua. Heavy rainfall swept the region for 12 hours from 9 am CST on Sept. 20 to 9 am CST on Sept. 21.

Reportedly, there were 287 sites in Guangdong with over four inches of rainfall, 24 sites with over 11 inches of rainfall, and two sites with over 19 inches of rainfall. Magui site of Gaozhou recorded 21.77 inches, and the Suanmaoping site in Yangchun was drenched by 21.65 inches. The total rainfall in Yangchun in six hours was a 200 year event.

Guangdong was estimated to have suffered approximately $298.24 million in losses. 

Li Ping