Video: Man Tries to Wash Hands, but Automatic Water Tap Doesn’t Work on His Dark Skin

May 3, 2019 Updated: May 3, 2019

In our modern society, one would hope that technological advancement can help reduce and eventually remove discrimination, especially racism. Fancy electronic gadgets we have are designed to equally benefit everyone, well, at least they are not supposed to make life of one group of people easier while making life of another group of people harder. In this simultaneously sad and hilarious video, though, a young man experienced a series of frustrating inconvenience because of his dark skin. Water taps, automatic doors, and even dancing mats were all working against him as their light sensors simply refused to recognize him as a person.

While the black man and his white buddy put forward this issue in arguably the most light-hearted way possible, it’s still embarrassing that those who designed and manufactured these light sensor-based products failed to realize that one day a dark-skinned customer might use them. After all, not every dark-skinned person has a light-skinned buddy to help him/her out.

Credit: TrackaBangBang | Facebook TrackaBangBang | Instagram