Racial Violence Breaks Out in Shandong Province

September 6, 2007 Updated: September 6, 2007

HONG KONG—The Hong Kong Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy reported on September 3 that a major conflict erupted between the Han race and the Hui race in Shandong Province, China. Thousands of people clashed in the streets. Authorities have imposed a media ban of the event.

The Information Center said that a fight broke out in Shimiao Town, Huimin County, Shandong Province on August 17. At least one person from the Hui race is dead and more than 20 people in total have been injured. Hundreds of armed policemen remain in the area. Shimiao Town is near where the Hui residents in Shanghe County, Shandong Province.

The Information Center said that a Hui youth was suspected of stealing and so, was beaten by a member of the Han race on August 17. Afterwards, members of the Hui race rushed the commercial district of Shimiao Town, beat people and vandalized property. Four police vehicles were destroyed. The local Han people counterattacked. The situation was brought under control only after hundreds of armed police came to the scene on August 19. There have been no media reports.

The Information Center also recorded another well-known racial Han-Hui conflict; the “Yangxin Incident” back on December 8, 2000 also in Shandong Province. In that incident, a pork dealer held a sign, “Muslim Pork,” which sparked thousands from the Hui race to protest. The police shot and killed six members of the Hui race during the crackdown.