Video: Rachel Dolezal Says She’s White On ‘The Real’ Show, Twitter Erupts

November 2, 2015 Updated: November 3, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, in a new interview on “The Real” that aired Monday, spoke about racial identity on the program.

Dolezal was the former NAACP chapter president and made headlines in June after her race came into question. It was revealed that Dolezal is a white woman who for years passed herself off as black.

When the show’s hosts–Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon–asked her which race Dolezal would check off on an application form, she was a bit evasive.

“The form in particular usually defines things,” she said on the show. “And you know I’ve been a professor of African history, black studies …”

“Yeah,” added Braxton before asking again about which box she would check.

“I check white and black,” said Dolezal, “because we all have human origins in the continent of Africa.”

Later on, the audience clapped when Dolezal admitted to being biologically born white. “Right, and that’s why I said, I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black,” said Dolezal.

“The Real” is a one-hour-long talk show that airs weekdays on Fox Television Stations, and it is syndicated with cable network BET.

Dolezal was asked by Braxton if she felt she deceived people.

“No, I don’t,” responded Dolezal. “Don’t we all have the right to be exactly who we are?” Some would call it an obligation, even.”

Then Love chimed in, saying: “Let me tell you something: I’m black. I can’t be you. I can’t reverse myself. Let’s check you, Rachel. If the police stopped me, you could throw that off and show that nice fine hair up under, and you might get away. I may not. I may not even make in the jail.”

Dolezal didn’t reply to her comment.

Braxton asked her if she felt as if she has walked the path of a black woman. “Absolutely,” said Dolezal. “The police mark ‘black’ on my traffic tickets,” she said.

On Twitter, Dolezal was once again hammered for her comments on race.