R. Kelly ‘Cancels Concert Because Women in Audience Were Too Old’ is Fake

March 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

R. Kelly, the R&B singer, didn’t cancel a concert because women in the audience “were too old”–that’s from a fake news website.

The fake article was published on Cream Bmp Daily, which only posts fake news stories. “During an Atlanta stop on his promotional tour for new album … R. Kelly cancelled the concert, because he claims all the women in the audience were too old,” it reads. It then claims that the concert “front row was filled with women in their late 20s,” leading to the cancellation.

Cream Bmp has a disclaimer, saying its satire, and the website says it’s the “most entertaining page of the day.”

“CreamBmp.com Written by comedian CREAM. This website is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only,” the disclaimer reads.

However, on Friday, the R. Kelly article had thousands of shares on Facebook.

Some users tweeted and commented about the fake report, expressing their disgust. 

“Disappointing comments from a man i respected,” one person wrote on Facebook.