'Quit the CCP' Article Posted on China's Largest Search Engine

July 5, 2008 Updated: July 5, 2008

While the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launches violent attacks on Falun Gong in Flushing, New York, in order to counteract the global “Quit the CCP” campaign and to conceal the CCP's domestic crises, a lot of “Quit the CCP” messages are being posted on “Baidu,” mainland China's largest Chinese Internet search engine.

Not long ago, The Epoch Times received reader feedback that a lot of “noise” had appeared on Baidu's Chinese Communist Youth League (CYL) and Communist Young Pioneers (CYP) BBS (Bulletin Board System). The “noise” referred to messages that did not comply with the communist regime's propaganda, such as the “Statement for Quitting the CYL.”

Messages such as “Is it still necessary for the CYL to exist?” and “Is there any way for children not to join the CYP?” appeared in March and reached a climax in June.

In one of the messages, a visitor wrote, “I had no other option but to join the CYL. If I didn't join, I wouldn't have been able to graduate!”

Another explained why people at present still want to join the CYL: It is a well-known, unofficial rule that people can use their Party membership to reduce prison time for corruption. “Punishment inside the Party would result in three years imprisonment. Expulsion from the Party would amount to 10 years imprisonment!”

Sima Tai, a China expert, commented that with the approach of the 2008 Olympics, recent events in China—several major natural and manmade disasters, economic crises, the tide of withdrawals from the CCP, civil resistance against the despotic rule, and an international boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games—have brought panic to the illegitimate communist regime.

Tai said that the CCP, burdened by these crises, exercises stricter control over the media and the Internet, and at the same time, creates incidents such as those in Flushing to slander Falun Gong and attempt to divert world attention from its crises. These voices for quitting the CYL and CYP illustrate the overwhelming tide of people quitting the Party, and make a mockery of the CCP's tactics in Flushing.