Short Story About Quitting the CCP in Flushing

July 22, 2008 Updated: July 24, 2008

FLUSHING, New York City—More than 40 million people have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations so far. Every day about 50,000 people submit withdrawal statements to The Epoch Times’ Tuidang (Withdraw from the Party) website. Here is a little story about quitting the CCP in Flushing, New York City, one of the tens of thousands of similar stories seen across the world everyday.

One day, after Flushing resident Mr. Chen, took a newspaper from Ms. Li, a volunteer for dispatching The Epoch Times newspaper in the streets, he did not immediately leave like he usually did, but instead asked, “How could it be that 40 million Chinese people have quit the CCP? Because there are only about 70 or 80 million CCP members in total. It is not true, right? ”

Li answered, “The total number of withdrawals not only counts the people withdrawing from the CCP, but also includes the ones withdrawing from its affiliated organizations— the Communist Youth League (CYL) and the Communist Young Pioneers (CYP). And about 80 percent of the people from mainland China published statements through the Tuidang website or service hotlines.”

Li asked, “Have you joined the CCP and/or its affiliated organizations?” He did not give a direct answer. “It happened a long time ago. I am not a member any more,” said he causally.

Li said, “When you raised your right hand to take an oath in front of the red flag to work and fight all your life for the CCP, do you know what your pledge meant? You committed yourself to sacrifice your whole life for the evil.”

Li continued, “In other dimensions, the CCP is represented by an evil red dragon. When you make an oath to join its organizations, it puts the mark of the beast on your forehead. That means you belong to the evil. One day Heaven will annihilate the CCP and you would become one of its mortuary objects.”

Chen said incredulously, “I believe the CCP will disintegrate sooner or later. But what you are talking about is too mystical to me.”

Then Li said, “Don’t we Chinese believe that evildoers are bound to be punished in the end? The CCP has done so many wicked things. If humankind does not do something about it, heaven will. It is not some country, government or Falun Gong that would defeat the CCP but justice from heaven. The Nine Commentaries has led more and more Chinese to realize its evil nature and they then hate to be controlled or ruled any more.”

Li added, “Better to believe the worst, and be pleasantly surprised, than to be optimistic and learn the worst. Withdrawing from the CCP is to save your life. Please make your decision as soon as possible. You can publish your withdrawal statement in your alias or real name.”

Finally Chen accepted Li’s advice and resigned from the CYP. Along with her best wishes, Li told Chen to obtain a withdrawal certificate from the service center if he wants.