Stories of Chinese Tourists

November 16, 2008 7:00 am Last Updated: October 1, 2015 10:40 pm
Tourists from all over the world reading the signs at the Paris Human Rights Square. (The Epoch Times)
Tourists from all over the world reading the signs at the Paris Human Rights Square. (The Epoch Times)

According to a volunteer at a "Service Center to Quit the Chinese Communist Party" (service center), more and more people have started to despise the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Below are two examples of the many cases heard at tourist areas around the world. 

‘Only When the CCP Ends Will China Have Hope’

A tourist from mainland China asked a service center volunteer, “How much is the average monthly salary in Switzerland?”

“I have heard that the average salary is 5,500 Swiss francs per month.  Francs have almost the same value as US dollars,” answered the volunteer.

“Wow! That is a very high salary,” said the Chinese tourist.  

“It’s true.  Think about it, a bank CEO gets around 1 million per year and a bank manager gets about 300,000.”

Upon hearing this, the tourist said to his wife, “Listen to that! We are content getting only a few thousand yuan each month (approximately US$300-$400) in China, and still we praise the government. Is the air we breathe clean? Is the water clean? Are you at ease knowing that your food has poison in it? The Chinese people still have not seen the truth of the Chinese Communist Party. When will the CCP end? Only when the CCP ends will China have hope. You see, it has fabricated so many lies and falsehoods. Most Chinese people do not have a sense of morality anymore. There are so many counterfeit products these days.”

“Yes. The CCP is based on falsehood and violence, whereas Falun Gong is based on Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance,” said the service center volunteer.  “Persecuting Falun Gong is the same as persecuting these three principles. You can see that they are using their falsehoods and violence to rob people of their morality.”

“That’s very true, ma’am! People nowadays will do anything for money. The ones who sell pork do not eat it, nor do the ones who sell milk powder drink it. He knows that it is tainted, but will sell these poisoned products to others to earn money! The CCP is so…” The young man’s face was marked with helplessness.

The volunteer, an elderly lady, said, “I can help you quit the CCP.  Have you done so yet?”

“We have not yet, but both of us would like to!” At the end, the young man smiled and said to the elderly lady, “You are truly doing a good deed, ma’am.  Take care now. I hope that you will always be healthy and happy.  Good bye!”


One day at a Paris tourist site, several tourists were reading posters placed on the ground.  Some of the posters displayed information about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP. Other posters outlined reasons for quitting the CCP as well as the number of people who have already quit.

An elderly Chinese man, after reading all of the posters, proclaimed angrily through clenched teeth, “You know what? The CCP stole all the land my family owned. You know, I’ve only received around one thousand yuan each month for my pension! The CCP gives us only this small amount and expects us to praise them. Maybe they won’t let you starve, but they have done nothing and still receive high salaries. What about me?  I was only able to come on this trip because my children paid for it. I have waited everyday impatiently for the CCP to collapse. The people of China suffer for every day it exists.  I have been praying to God to let the CCP collapse, so that we could finally live a good life.”

“Have you quit the CCP?” A volunteer from the service center asked.

“I have come here today to ask for your help.  Please help me quit the CCP immediately,” said the elderly man earnestly.

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