Quick and powerful tips to inbound marketing success

March 30, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

With traditional marketing strategies turning completely obsolete, times are ever desperate to turn to inbound marketing. But can simply turning to a new technique help? Well in short, an effective inbound marketing campaign goes way beyond than what the textbook authors teach us. Yes, you may have tried creating captivating content, intelligent SEO, using call-to-action options everywhere possible on the site, and even purchasing specific marketing tools and conversion options; but still there is a long way to go to use the inbound marketing strategy effectively. So what is the real secret? Well, here a few tips that might enlighten you.

Tip #1: Content is for individuals, not for an exhibition crowd

Probably the most common mistake that website owners do is that they oversell their products and services with the content. The simple fact that most seem to forget is that when customers try to read through something, they want a more personal touch. Rather than blatantly advertising your product over and over and biasing them to buy your product like a sideshow salesman, it would be much better if you can reach out and connect to your customers in a more organic way. Also try using infographics and images at appropriate place with subtle marketing hints to make the content more effective.

Tip #2: Cash in on your social profiles

The simple rule of marketing implies that ‘X’ number of channels equals ‘X’ number of prospects. So don’t just depend on your website to bring in potential customers, you can bring back buyers from your social profiles too. Most social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn include an ‘About’ section which can be used effectively to market your company and what you do. If someone finds you interesting enough to read more about you on your social account, you can be sure they will be interested in purchasing what you recommend as well.

Tip #3: Never forget to blog

A lot of entrepreneurs miss out the opportunity to create a blog simply because it seems like a lot of work, and rightfully it is actually a lot of work. But it is one work worth doing if you really want to ramp up your inbound marketing effectiveness. Blog about topics that a potential customer would search for when deciding upon which product to purchase, or how to get something working, and so on. For instance a customer who desires to buy a nifty gadget on the market would like to know about the tech inside it. So if you have a blog that explains that to him, and when your blog links back your website, you can be sure of a sale.

Tip #4: Make you presence felt everywhere

Go beyond your website and blog, and learn to contribute and get heard on sites outside your comfort circle. For instance, a number of popular blogging sites allow guest authors to publish articles on specific topics. So if you’re an expert in the service you provide, don’t forget to test these waters. Also commenting and creating discussions with a subtle link back your website are assured to get your products noticed as well. But beware; dive in only if you’re entirely confident about the topic you wish to discuss to avoid a negative impact.

Tip #5: It’s OK to brag

In the current marketplace, there is no room for the soft and the humble. People want to know if you’re really capable of doing something and how confident you’re about doing it. So if you are the expert in the industry, be sure to let others know through marketing campaigns. Also publishing achievements and track records is a great way to get noticed by potential customers as well. After all there is no harm in taking credit for one’s own work.

Tip #6: Customer reviews go a long way to help gain new customers

A few lines of an honest testimonial from a past client can get more leads than any content ever will. And the simple truth behind the fact is, customers like customers rather sellers. So first up, use call-to-action options and other tools effectively to get testimonials and review from your existing customer. Second, place them in a prominent position so that new customers can look and read through them. And that’s all you will ever have to do to see the magic happen.